About Us

   About the Artist

Farah Syed is a born artist. She started creating henna designs at the age of 12.The creation of Leezee's Henna Art is the result of her passion, love and dedication to provide quality services and products at the price that people adore.

Besides art work she worked hard to seek her MBA degree in "Information Systems Management" in 2006 from University of Dallas, USA. However at the back of her mind a little artist always kept her attracted to henna. Her amazing work of art was published in "Global mail" back in 2008.She has done corporate events with the "Royal bank of Canada" and "The bay".

 After getting perfection in the "body art" she decided to go "off the body" and started creating her own unique henna gifts. Her hand painted candles decorated with henna paste, glitter and gems sold like hot cakes. Then she got confidence in utilising more variations in material and designs for her "Henna Crafts". Her henna work on the canvass is second to none. This is not the end of her creativity. There are various opportunities and avenues that she has to explore to saturate her passion.

The Company

In 2007 Farah’s dream came true when she created   “Leezee’s Henna Art” .In no time it got popularity not only in South Asian communities but also in Canadian, South American, African American and other communities. Initially we started henna services for all occasions. Now we have our own product line of henna Powder, henna paste, glitter, henna oil and much more. Our custom hand painted henna crafts are a big hit. Our clients are highly satisfied with our products and services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent customer service, high quality products and complete satisfaction to our clients. To do so we find finest ingredients to make our own special 100% natural henna paste that gives the darkest and long lasting stain to our brides. We also provide wide range of henna, glitter products and essential oils to fulfill custom demand of our clients.