February 01, 2013


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Three great tips for a neat henna design


It is understood that experience and practice make your henna art work beautiful and neat. However there are three factors that play major roll to create a perfect henna design


1-    Consistency of henna paste plays a major role in drawing a neat and flawless design. Make sure your henna paste is not too thick. In this case henna paste will not stick to your bride’s skin and your fingers will cramp while squeezing out the thick henna paste. Your henna paste should not be runny. In this case the flow of henna paste will be out of control and henna design will look mushy. Moreover bride’s henna design will smudge and resulting henna pattern will be terrible.

2-    Length of a henna cone is a key factor for making a nice henna design. Extra-large/ too long henna cones are hard to handle. Make sure your henna cone is medium sized which is easy to handle and manipulate. I would recommend ideal henna cone should be 6 to 7 inches long.

3-    Proper posture of henna artist and bride is very important to draw a quality design. Use as many pillows and cushions to support your back and level of bride’s arms and hands. Bad posture will tired you out and result will be a poor quality henna design. Happy henna artist mean’s perfect design and a happy bride.


Feel free to ask any question or submit a feedback. Have a happy weekend from Leezee’s Henna Art 

Farah Syed
Farah Syed


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