January 31, 2013


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Five quick tips to keep your henna powder fresh

Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) is a shrub that grows in hot and humid climates e.g.South Asia, Africa and Arab. Dried, ground leaves of henna plant make “Henna Powder”. It is very important that you store and handle this henna powder with care to get a nice rich stain. Here are five simple tips that will make your henna powder long lasting and fresh.

1-    Do not put your henna powder in direct sunlight. Sunlight can affect the freshness of henna powder

2-    Avoid storing your henna powder near direct heat. It’s a bad idea to keep it near stove or on top of the refrigerator

3-     Henna powder container or bag must be sealed properly so that moisture cannot affect its quality

4-    It is better to store your henna powder in refrigerator, in a tight sealed plastic container

5-    Best of all freeze your henna powder in a zip lock bag. It really preserves the freshness of your henna powder.

I hope you will like these tips. Any feedback is welcome. That’s all for now and will see you soon with a new henna topic. Have a good day henna lovers:)




Farah Syed
Farah Syed


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